Book Rental

Whitecross NS Book Rental

The school operates a Book Rental Scheme for all classes in the school.  This scheme provides children will all books, workbooks and copies that are required.  All school books are ordered by the school and delivered to the school.  Each child receives their books on returning to school in August/September.

We strongly urge all families to ensure that books are kept in good condition.  Where a book gets lost or damaged, we ask that the class teacher is notified.  In the event that some books need to be replaced, a small charge will be incurred. 

We ask all parents to ensure that all books are returned to the school at the end of each school year. 

Our Book Rental Scheme is currently under review as the Department of Education are providing a grant towards school books for all children.  Further information and guidance on this funding is expected in the final term of this school year.  As a result of this, there may be changes to how the scheme previously operated.  We will communicate any changes that may occur when the information is available to us.